Set it thrice. Aim it twice. Fire it once.

Captured| Flame

Sometimes I feel Like Moses man/ I jus’ wanna ran to Midian just to/

Change my state but not the State where my City’s in/ But My state of mind, Look for a sign like Gideon coz’/

My faith is waverin’, I’m forsakin’ dependence again/ You took me from Egypt jus’ to make a leader/

But Like Moses I’m not an eloquent speaker/ I’m not eloquent either/

Not before nor after You’ve spoken/

Me in ministry? You’ve gotta be jokin!/

I feel like Jeremiah/

Here are my bones Lord, Here is my fire/

I’m inadequate to represent the Messiah/

Call me the weepin’ rapper/

I read a chapter/

Then I’m heapin’ up laughter/ becoz I’m weak and I can see the disaster of me in ministry/

I feel like Job, I curse the day of my birth/

Since I was born it’s only payin’ me hurt/

My insecurity’s worse/

Sometimes I wish that the night was barren/

Either that or Lord send me an Aaron/

Lord send me an Aaron.

[Excerpt Intro from Flame’s song “War of the Minds” off the album REWIND]

The first time I heard the intro to this song I was absolutely Gob-smacked, Blown-away, Astounded..insert whatever other adjective you see fit.

The emotion and energy Flame pumps into his music is second to none. His lyrics, heartfelt and sobering. So to receive the news that he would be rocking his new album ‘Captured’ here in Nairobi in his Africa tour was a perfect way to start the year.

Unfortunately that’s as far as my praise goes.

I know a lot is put into liaising with International artists (gospel and otherwise) but there is a certain standard of sloppiness I’ve come to expect.

For the amount we parted with at the gate I shouldn’t be asking for at least a band’s man (a la Da T.R.U.T.H) but I guess I am asking for a bit much ay?

As usual, there were the curtain raisers (I witnessed Eko Dydda leave stage so my 2 cents is he performed) and security patrol/stage managers who outnumbered the clutch of impatient hip hoppers at the dome.

That aside, I timed my entry to near perfection, as I strolled into Mavuno Dome just as Flame was backstage testing his vocals and Eko Dydda made a nuisance of himself on stage.

After what seemed like eternity..the man of the moment graced the stage. It was ‘pop, pop…poppin’ yo!


I’d have put audio but…that would be giving you a free concert.

~El Fin~


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