Set it thrice. Aim it twice. Fire it once.

Elani – A Learning Experience

Hey good peeps!
What’s poppin’?

Last week was a weekend of concert shoots for me, starting with Elani on Friday at Alliance Francaise, then to Groove Awards at KICC on Saturday. I’ll save the Groove Awards for a later post.

So courtesy of my good buddy, David Mutua (one of my teacher photographers), we psyched ourselves into doing this shoot.

As usual, the event started later than was appropriate but nevertheless, we cradled our cameras in anticipation of the show. My bro, who happens to be a refined music critic as myself, sat at the back row taking notes.

The show began with an accapella version of the national anthem which somehow failed to pinch my patriotic nerves. Maybe it was the harmony.

The curtain-raiser, a gentleman by the name of Dempsey then took to stage. He definitely did his acoustic guitar justice as he belted out tune after tune, spacing them with humorous narrations. He definitely won the crowd over and is one talent to look out for at the top in the very near future.

Finally, it was Elani’s time to grace the stage. They did and from my point of view started off with a verve that promised much. Unfortunately for my money’s worth, the energy seemed to dissipate with each passing song. Punctuated by a couple of breaks to break the ice, the show seemed to lack the fluidity and synchrony to elicit excitement. The nail in the coffin was their failure to honour the crowd’s demand for an encore.

Photography-wise too, the setting was as exciting as staring at canned meat. The stage was bathed in a rather annoying and overwhelming red light, which sometimes made way for the occasional yellow light backstage. The shoot was a challenge but like they say, “What don’t kill you (in paranoia), can only make one a better photographer”. Or something like that. With much tweaking and processing, I figured my safest way out is to just post them in B&W.

Here is a taster of the action.

~El Fin~


One response

  1. kimm

    with foto no. 6 u’ve proved tight fotography is possible in a cave lit with a flare!

    May 6, 2011 at 13:43

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