Set it thrice. Aim it twice. Fire it once.

Tusker Lite Experience | FatBellyBella

How’dy good folk!

Been ages [again] since I was up in here, it’s almost Christmas! It would be injustice if I didn’t blog at all before the turn of the new year.

On to matters more important, introducing one of the pioneers of Neo Soul, in the flesh, actually regarded as The Queen of Neo Soul, Grammy Award winner, Ericah Abi Wright or better known to us all as Erykah Badu,  finally set foot on Kenyan soil. The stage was all set at the Carnivore grounds , with the irony probably not lost on her, considering she’s vegan.


Curtain raised by the exemplary Isaiah Katumwa (backed up by the very able James Jozee of Gogo Simo Band on the keyboard), the audience were almost hushed into awestruck silence as the roller coaster shuttled from the mellow to groovy and back to the mellow tracks. An encore was therefore in order, which got all to their feet, as anticipation of the main event inched towards fever pitch.

Cue in the intermission as the mercurial DJ Adrian and freshly talented DJ Andre tag-teamed to ensure the crowd was kept on it’s toes, dishing out throwback tracks on their wheels of steel, I almost thought I was lost in the ’90s [no pun intended].


Silence. Dimmed lights. Breathless anticipation. Suddenly, a gentle rhythmic beat preceding a medley and crescendo of rhythmic instruments pushed to their limit as the diva of the moment made her grand entrance. And a grand entrance it was! Soaking in the deafening cheers and applause, FatBellyBella took to the stage and struck one of her trademark poses, before preceding to churn out hit after hit off her famous albums “Baduizm“, “Mama’s Gun” with songs such as “Bag lady”, “On and On”, “Appletree”, “Tyrone” and “Didn’tcha know” just to mention a few. So good and long was her performance (almost 2 hours non-stop), that an encore would  probably have been overkill.

Needless to say, this concert by Tusker Lite Experience’s books was definitely worthy of being the full-stop in their calendar of events for 2012.

Enough gabbing on, here are my select images [in random order as I get the hang of blogging back]. Enjoy.

DJ_Adrian - EB DJ_Adrian2 - EB DJ_Andre - EB FatBellyBella1 - EB FatBellyBella2 - EB FatBellyBella3 - EB FatBellyBella4 - EB FatBellyBella5 - EB FatBellyBella6 - EB FatBellyBella7 - EB Isaiah 5 - EB Isaiah1 - EB Isaiah2 - EB

~El Fin~


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