Set it thrice. Aim it twice. Fire it once.

A World Apart | Incognito

Happy New Year Folks!!

Cheers to new frontiers and delving into the unknown, which is 2013.

I begin blogging with a post that should have been published last year but the timing of events meant otherwise. Also, this will be my LONGEST post to date, so brace yourselves.

Allow me to digress a bit by first saying that I am a music lover/critic/collector prior to even picking up a DSLR camera. I pride myself in vast collections of different genres of music and those who know me quite well will testify to my love for jazz. Love it. From the era of John Coltrane, Count Basie, Etta Jones and Miles Davies to the new school vibes. Acid jazz, Nu jazz, Smooth Jazz..I love it all. So for among the founders of Acid Jazz to grace Nairobi at the Bomas of Kenya, brought in by sponsors Sierra and Capital FM, I was game from the get-go.

Ladies and Gents, introducing Incognito – A diverse cultural yet singular music band formed in 1979. The look and sound of Acid Jazz. Acid jazz, going by their 15 albums released to date (yes, 15!) is a fusion of Soul, Funk and up-tempo Jazz. Why Incognito? Well, going by their medley of backgrounds it really is a band with only one unifying factor: Good Music. Led by the timeless Jean-Paul “Bluey” Maunick from Mauritius, Incognito boasts having present and past members from diverse backgrounds – sample this; A bass guitarist from Jamaica, Lead vocalists from Sri Lanka, Britain, America and Germany, An Italian drummer, A Jewish Music Director/Keyboard, A Portuguese percussionist and A Scottish trombonist. Phew!

So you can imagine my surprise when I saw the low turn-out to the Sierra Jazz Festival, an issue that was not lost on them either. Thankfully, that did not deter them from dropping on us the audience the mother of all concerts- showcasing their brilliance to the point that they could afford to switch up their whole set by playing a piece with different band members on different instruments from what they usually play. So torn between shooting and enjoying myself I was, that I eventually packed up my gear early and joined the rest at the front of the stage to shake a leg. I figured I had enough pictures plus it was better to be up close to hear the immaculate voices and instruments, while ogling at Imaani.

I can gab on and on about how awesome it was but no words or pictures can do the experience that was justice. Not to mention, the very able Kato Change and his band being the curtain raisers , gave a performance worthy of the ticket itself. he definitely is going places – fast.

On to the select images but before I do, please familiarize yourselves with this unbelievable group of musicians here and sample some of their stuff.


Kato1.1 kato1.2 Kato1.4 Kato2 Kato3 Kato6








Bluey1 Bluey2 Francesco2 Francesco3 Francis_Hylton1 Francis_Hylton2 Imaani1 Imaani3 Imaani5 Joao3 Matt_Cooper1 Mo_Brandis1 Matt_Cooper4 Matt_Cooper2 Sid_Gauld1 Mo_Brandis2 Tony_Momrelle2 Tony_Momrelle1


~El Fin~


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  1. you forgot Christine Kamau…tight pics tho

    January 2, 2013 at 16:22

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