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Taita | Hellos and Goodbyes


Had a good one I hope? I always love the turn of a new’s like smelling freshly cut grass, or being in the countryside (what urbanites here fondly refer to as Reserve or Ocha). The joy of saying goodbye to the past years triumphs, tribulations, opportunities and mistakes. Who doesn’t love a clean slate?!

On towards the post, this is a random post of pictures I took in Taita, the nucleus of my motherland. I proudly hail from there and I will be blatantly biased and declare we have arguably the most beautiful landscape (and women :)) in the land. I travelled down with family in not so good circumstances but all in all it was handy that I went with my camera.

Enough rambling, hope you enjoy the images.

The home away from home

The home away from home

The Taita, The better :)

The Taita, The better šŸ™‚

All ears..

All ears..

*Sigh* :'( :'(

*Sigh* šŸ˜„ šŸ˜„

Say what?!

Say what?!

Game. Of. Throse :)

Game. Of. Throse šŸ™‚

And last but not least, an image I took from my phone – un-edited with no filter..

Wusi Primary welcoming the morning fog

Wusi Primary welcoming the morning fog

Taita, my beautiful motherland, I’ll be back!

-El Fin-


A World Apart | Incognito

Happy New Year Folks!!

Cheers to new frontiers and delving into the unknown, which is 2013.

I begin blogging with a post that should have been published last year but the timing of events meant otherwise. Also, this will be my LONGEST post to date, so brace yourselves.

Allow me to digress a bit by first saying that I am a music lover/critic/collector prior to even picking up a DSLR camera. I pride myself in vast collections of different genres of music and those who know me quite well will testify to my love for jazz. Love it. From the era of John Coltrane, Count Basie, Etta Jones and Miles Davies to the new school vibes. Acid jazz, Nu jazz, Smooth Jazz..I love it all. So for among the founders of Acid Jazz to grace Nairobi at the Bomas of Kenya, brought in by sponsors Sierra and Capital FM, I was game from the get-go.

Ladies and Gents, introducing Incognito – A diverseĀ culturalĀ yet singular music band formed in 1979. The look and sound of Acid Jazz. Acid jazz, going by their 15 albums released to date (yes, 15!) is a fusion of Soul, Funk and up-tempo Jazz. Why Incognito? Well, going by their medley of backgrounds it really is a band with only one unifying factor: Good Music. Led by the timeless Jean-Paul “Bluey” Maunick from Mauritius, Incognito boasts having present and past members from diverse backgrounds – sample this; A bass guitarist from Jamaica, Lead vocalists from Sri Lanka, Britain, America and Germany, An Italian drummer, A Jewish Music Director/Keyboard, AĀ PortugueseĀ percussionist and A Scottish trombonist. Phew!

So you can imagine my surprise when I saw the low turn-out to the Sierra Jazz Festival, an issue that was not lost on them either. Thankfully, that did not deter them from dropping on us the audience the mother of all concerts- showcasing their brilliance to the point that they could afford to switch up their whole set by playing a piece with different band members on different instruments from what they usually play. So torn between shooting and enjoying myself I was, that I eventuallyĀ packedĀ up my gear early and joined the rest at the front of the stage to shake a leg. I figured I had enough pictures plus it was better to be up close to hear the immaculate voices and instruments, while ogling at Imaani.

I can gab on and on about how awesome it was but no words or pictures can do the experience that was justice. Not to mention, the very able Kato Change and his band being the curtain raisers , gave a performance worthy of the ticket itself. he definitely is going places – fast.

On to the select images but before I do, please familiarize yourselves with this unbelievable group of musicians here and sample some of their stuff.


Kato1.1 kato1.2 Kato1.4 Kato2 Kato3 Kato6








Bluey1 Bluey2 Francesco2 Francesco3 Francis_Hylton1 Francis_Hylton2 Imaani1 Imaani3 Imaani5 Joao3 Matt_Cooper1 Mo_Brandis1 Matt_Cooper4 Matt_Cooper2 Sid_Gauld1 Mo_Brandis2 Tony_Momrelle2 Tony_Momrelle1


~El Fin~

Tusker Lite Experience | FatBellyBella

How’dy good folk!

Been ages [again] since I was up in here, it’s almost Christmas! It would be injustice if I didn’t blog at all before the turn of the new year.

On to matters more important, introducing one of the pioneers of Neo Soul, in the flesh, actually regarded as The Queen of Neo Soul, Grammy Award winner, Ericah Abi Wright or better known to us all as Erykah Badu, Ā finally set foot on Kenyan soil. The stage was all set at the Carnivore grounds , with the irony probably not lost on her,Ā consideringĀ she’s vegan.


Curtain raised by the exemplary Isaiah Katumwa (backed up by the very able James Jozee of Gogo Simo Band on the keyboard), the audience were almost hushed into awestruck silence as the roller coaster shuttled from the mellow to groovy and back to the mellow tracks. An encore was therefore in order, which got all to their feet, as anticipation of the main event inched towards fever pitch.

Cue in the intermission as the mercurial DJ Adrian and freshly talented DJ Andre tag-teamed to ensure the crowd was kept on it’s toes, dishing out throwback tracks on their wheels of steel, I almost thought I was lost in the ’90s [no pun intended].


Silence. Dimmed lights. Breathless anticipation. Suddenly, a gentle rhythmic beat preceding a medley and crescendo of rhythmic instruments pushed to their limit as the diva of the moment made her grand entrance. And a grand entrance it was! Soaking in the deafening cheers and applause, FatBellyBella took to the stage and struck one of her trademark poses, before preceding to churn out hit after hit off her famous albums “Baduizm“, “Mama’s Gun” with songs such as “Bag lady”, “On and On”, “Appletree”, “Tyrone” and “Didn’tcha know” just to mention a few. So good and long was her performance (almost 2 hours non-stop), that an encore would Ā probably have been overkill.

Needless to say, this concert by Tusker Lite Experience’s books was definitely worthy of being theĀ full-stopĀ in their calendar of events for 2012.

Enough gabbing on, here are my select images [in random order as I get the hang of blogging back]. Enjoy.

DJ_Adrian - EB DJ_Adrian2 - EB DJ_Andre - EB FatBellyBella1 - EB FatBellyBella2 - EB FatBellyBella3 - EB FatBellyBella4 - EB FatBellyBella5 - EB FatBellyBella6 - EB FatBellyBella7 - EB Isaiah 5 - EB Isaiah1 - EB Isaiah2 - EB

~El Fin~

Family & A Friend

Hey good people!

What’s poppin’ yo? Hope all is well this fine Friday. Mine’s began well.

This post was a long time coming partly because I’d wanted to do it since forever but also because my cousin (whom you shall see below) coaxed me into it. So as usual I buzzed my partner in crime for such shoots, one @SteveKitots to help me out. A lot went under-way..OK, a little, since the models were slightly late for the shoot. So all in all we had to squeeze in whatever in about half an hour or so.

Anywho, one of the challenges in the shoot for me was using a 50mm lens f1.4, which is fully manual. To say I struggled with it is an understatement of epic proportions but once I kind of got the hang of it, I was chaffed by it’s brilliance. Almost never wanted to return it to it’s owner! [I returned it after he, the loaner, threatened me with his super-stardom and photographer celebrity status. I caved in like cards in a toilet bowl – sic!)

Long story short, the 2 models below are Chao and Asha. Chao is like my small sister so to speak. First cousin actually, and no I am not dishing out her number or email add. I met her friend Asha, whom they are bosom buddies, and Chao enticed me to a shoot.

Enough yap, this is a bit of what I captured.

N/B: Studio photography is not my forte so I was very extravagant in experimenting different feels and themes in my post processing work (grains, soft focus, tonal and hue adjustments, the works!)

All in all, for me, they are a representation of African beauty. Kenyan beauty.

Hope it makes sense to ya’ll!

~El Fin~

‘Smile 4 Me’

Hey guys! What’s poppin’?

Happy Friday (coincidentally, it is 13th) and no, I am not the superstitious kind.

This post is simply about two very beautiful women God has blessed me with to call family. My Mother and sister.
Part of our secret anonymous Tuesday meetings with fellow other photographers was to capture a smile and I thought I’d share what I got as we usher in the weekend.

So for what it’s worth, make the ladies in your life smile sometime this weekend won’t you?

~El Fin~


What’s up my peoples!

Hope ya’ll have started the week on a high note. I have. They say Attitude determines Altitude.

Anywho, last weekend was the annual gospel awards ceremony, known to all and sundry as Groove Awards. I actually wasn’t going to shoot it, but a good friend told me it was a good opportunity to not only shoot, but witness Kenyans express themselves on the red carpet in all their decorum and raised chins I needed no further beseeching.

I will admit that I was surprised (in the nice way) of the set up and all. The stage was set up pretty well and the lighting wasn’t too bad either. Neither was the sound. My major qualm was of course Kenyan celebs not keeping time and the selected spots for photoshoots. Horrendous to say the least as all photographers present waxed on lyrical about the none consideration of light. My good buddy Mutua Matheka has explained more on issues about such ceremonies (The Do’s and Don’ts/Have’s and Have Nots) so I’ll spare myself being the broken record.

All in all it was a beautiful experience and it was a great opportunity shooting with fellow photographers and exchanging notes and light banter.

So without much more rambling, Ladies and Gents, my longest post to date (and it could have been longer…too many pics to chose from but these are my select)..Presenting, ain’t nuthin’ but a Groove thang!

..And that’s all folks! Bye Bye!

~El fin~

Almost Ed-ible

Hey Guys!

Happy Belated Easter!

Speaking of Easter, I hope ya’ll had a blast and celebrated the REAL reason for the season.
Back to photography, I realized I hadn’t shot nor blogged in a bit so I cordially invited myself to my good buddy, @SteveKitots studio, who happened to have a shoot last Thursday. It was quite random.. quite experimental too (Starting with using car brake lights and reverse lights as strobes!) to shooting in the studio. Quite the load of fun, until my good hosts gave me bread minus a drink to wash it down. (The soda was effortlessly dispatched by my good brothers.. at least I know who not to share a tent with when a camp arises!)
So aboard I hopped and with the able @profkatts helping set up, the stage was set for the introduction of a very fine young lady.
Lights, Camera….EDNA!

~El Fin~

My Favourite Martin

Wassup ya’ll!!!

Hope your Friday is poppin’ despite the somewhat gloomy weather here in the +254.

You know one of the hardest thing about blogging is coming up with a catchy header, you know, something to seize the reader’s attention almost immediately.

Well I’m no good in those but hey, I console myself in trying.

Recently I was back up the KICC rooftop (you must be thinking I get paid for that!) but on this occasion I was a quasi-tour guide for one of my favourite cousins, Martin. (Coming to think of it, I think he is the only cousin I have called Martin). He is visiting from NYC after a coupla years and since he loves touring and photography in equal measure, I suggested KICC’s rooftop. (It’s becoming a ritual almost – I confess)

So up we went and while I hadn’t really planned to shoot, I figured I might as well take him a coupla make use of the fish eye lens I had.Ā  And so I did. The wide angle lens was really handy, especially with the blurring out objects not in focus while adding that ‘bendy’ feel. Loved it.

Note: The title was actually a throwback moment to the programme ‘My Favourite Martian‘ which used to air in the early 90’s me thinks. Remember the chap who used to have an antennae stick out his head..?

Anywho, martin if you are reading this, this is for you cuz!

And lastly, the view we were treated to…

~El Fin~

The Dark Knight 2: Return of the Joker

How’dy do ya’ll!

Catchy header up there ay? Well sorry if i suckered you into thinking there is a trailer for a batman sequel..I promise not to try and sucker you again..*cough* *cough* *splutter* *splutter*

Aaaanywho, credit to this post goes to three people, namely AmungaTheGreat, Sonnie K and Nyingez. Amush, as we fondly refer to him in our photography meet up dubbed #OneTouch, juiced up the session when he announced that he had an idea of getting us to shoot The Joker, as he had arranged with a very able make-up artiste, Sonnie K. Nyingez, who has a stark resemblance to Heath ledger, hardly broke a sweat, re-enacting and impersonating the famous villain.

As we had earlier been given a movie poster assignement, this happened to be Amush’s. Having marked his own homework and given himself a degrading score of 10/10 (they don’t call him Amunga The Great for nothing), the rest of us were at ease to post our takes on the happenings.

This is mine.

~El Fin~


Hey guys!

Sorry (for the umpteenth time) about my hiatus. A lot has been happening in life and otherwise so I had to, for a very brief moment, put my baby ‘Liza’ down and refocus. I hate to think that people just shoot, ahem, take pictures just because they have a camera, fancy or not. I was busy discussing with my home-boy @dipwiz telling him my 2 cents on photography. I think he agreed. Basically, in my humblest of opinions, I think it naught to take pics when your heart is not there. I know I may differ with many, especially those doing it for a living. Those who just have to.

I believe Photography, like any other art form, stems from Passion. Zero passion, wishy-washy passion, oh-I have-a-headache passion and I guarantee the results will be naught. Maybe they may be good.

Anywho, for me, if I wake up, pick my camera and my heart and mind ain’t in it..I simply put Liza to sleep. Notwithstanding, I still believe in regular practice, for you cannot become a good photographer by simply wishing it. All I’m saying is, let your passion be the fuel for your art. The minute it is not, it enslaves you instead of you being it’s master. Food for thought.

With the customary introductory rambling dutifully done with, this shoot was just to rekindle my passion with my flame, Liza. Had been a minute, so i decided, what better way than to scale K.I.C.C again and re-declare my undying love against a lovely sunset?

The witnesses were @skubi (a.k.a. VWO – Victim wa Opiyo), @Stevekitots, @Nyingez (who was feeling super-fit and decided to alight at 10th floor and sprint up with @SteveKitots tripod. He later rushed himself home dehydrated) and Faith (@cheepeem)

..And thus the wait for the sunset.

..and we waited.

..and waited.

After all that..the sun finally decided to make way for the moon, and in a huff, left a semi-thick fog in it’s wake. To shoot or abandon operation..

This is what became..

~El Fin~