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Monday Blues | No hunting mood

Monday Blues | No hunting mood

Hey folk,
It’s a drab hot Monday in the +254. Nothing like feeling lethargic..which reminded me of these mature male lions that lazed under a shade, unwilling to expend precious energy looking for prey.

Which is what I’m feeling this Monday too…

Have a lovely week amigos ūüôā


From Mara, with….

How’dy do folk!

Hope the start of the year has been kind to you all. Last week some report was published online about how¬†Nairobi¬†is the 2nd worst city in the world to reside in. That article started a major uproar on twitter with many ranting and raving on how inaccurate the report was. And I totally agree. Nairobi, in spite of it’s ups and downs, I believe is one of the best cities in the world to live in. From climate to food to it’s inhabitants; all warm. Not to mention we are the only city to have a National Park at it’s heart, boasting the Big Five.

It is in pursuit of this Big Five that I travelled to the Masai ¬†Mara in December. Now, I have never done wildlife¬†photography¬†before so be gentle on me, but needless to say, the views and wildlife were breathtaking. After 2 game -drives, one of which was full-day, I happily kicked up my feet at what I had seen. Ranging from the majestic pride of lions to schools of elephants to Topis, Gazelles, warthogs, cheetahs, vultures…it was a photography feast out there [sadly though I didn’t spot any Leopards or Black Rhinos].

Hopefully the following pictures will inspire more positive reports about Kenya and in the same breath, encourage each one of you to at least one day make a trip to the¬†Masai¬†Mara. It’s beauty is too lovely to pass off in this lifetime.


Just grazing..

Grazing in Peace


Camouflaged. Almost.

who woke me?

“Who woke me?”

"hey baibee.."

“Not today hun”

Motherly Love

Motherly Love

Moving Mountains

Small and majestic


“Is it lunch time yet?”

"Gimme dat!"

Creating the legacy..



Muratina Tree

Muratina Tree

Alone 2

Lone Tree.

We Are Family

We Are Family

we are family 2

..and we move in droves.

Big Momma feeding..

Big Momma feeding..

big momma1

Big Momma

Hidden like a stone..

Slow and steady..

I'm walking away..

“And we’re off!”

Still sleepy..

Still sleepy..

Sleeping King

Sleepy but peeking…

Looking for Rongai

“Going to Rongai. Ciao!”


I spy..



Purposeful poise..

“My better side, no?”

Tall order

A tall, tall, order.

Another tall order..

“You check there, I’ll check here.”

Getting a tan..

Getting a tan..

Head in the grass..

Head in the grass..

Marabou Storks scheming

Marabou Storks scheming





~El Fin~


Howdy Ya’ll!!

I know, know, I’ve been guilty as sin for abandoning posting on this blog for a while. I think it is an artist’s curse. Once the river of inspiration dries up, I put my tools down and wait till the seasonal cycle turns up again.

That aside, as I stumbled on a loose spark of inspiration, a shoot proposal was floated to fellow photographers and myself as to who would be keen on kind of documenting the noble efforts of a now growing in popularity initiative, dubbed “Spread The Love“.

Spread The love is an initiative , birthed by a group of concerned friends and then artists under Kijiji Records, who later joined forces with various other parties across Kenya, both in the corporate world and Mavuno Church, to impact the socio-economic scene through benevolent deeds. Past initiatives included refurbishing and donating basic necessities such as beds and beddings to Industrial Area Remand prison.

This year, the task force has taken it upon themselves to rehabilitate the outlook of various prisons in Nairobi namely, Nairobi West Prison, Lan’gata Womens’ Prison and Industrial Area Remand Prison. I volunteered to document a morsel of the action at Lang’ata Womens’ Prison this past weekend. I’ll be honest and state openly that my initial excitement stemmed from the assumption that I would be allowed to get an in depth story from within the prison walls, but that was not to be. All the action took centre stage outside as men, women and children from all walks of life abandoned their comforts, albeit temporarily, to join hands with inmates in refurbishing the looks of the houses and environment.

It was indeed a beautiful scene to behold as young and old, rich or poor, free or incarcerated, abandoned societal stereotypes and mingled freely amidst laughter and sweat, braving the morning chill to scrap walls, plant trees and paint. It served as a stark reminder to all that regardless of outward circumstance, beneath our skins – we all bleed red.

As the Spread The Love initiative undertakes on it’s month of love activities, the question begs to what more can be done on a long term basis to improve the socio-economic outlook of our fellow men. Our neighbours. It is an arduous journey to get to THAT idealistic place, but as has been aptly quoted before, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step”.

My urge to all you reading this is, be the catalyst of change in your area. AND if you happen to be free on Saturday or can be free, spare some of your time towards joining the Spread The Love team as they embark on this noble initiative of rehabilitating prisons.

For more on their initiatives and what Spread The Love is all about, click HERE.

Below is a sample of my take of what went down. Enjoy.

~El Fin~

Desserts & Palates

Howd’y folk!

Sorry about the sporadic posts but I’m sure you are used to it by now. Thanks for hanging in there with me!

To cut to the chase, this post is about a food Рdesserts in particular Рworkshop that I was graciously invited to by a friend, Amina, a.k.a @aministar. Funny thing about this all is it all began with me looking through a poster at Yaya Centre of a dessert workshop that would be held at the hidden yet lush restaurant, About Thyme.  A reckless thought on how I would love to take pictures of such a thing formed in my mind which at the moment, I paid no mind, but as fate would have it, I met the workshop organizer in a twisted series of events.

Not the kind to bore you with empty rhetoric, I did make the workshop, took in lungfuls of air as I set to this new challenge. (Of course one the perks of this workshop was the ..ahem..’sampling’ of the goodies).

Nonetheless, it was¬† not only great meeting new peeps and probably making mental notes of recipes (hopefully I won’t burn down the house in the name of glazing pastries) but the challenge to shoot food and make it look good was something else. Hopefully I can get a second chance to do

So..without further ramblings..I present, pastries! (Ok, of pastries, sheesh!)

~El Fin and Bon Appetit!~

Family & A Friend

Hey good people!

What’s poppin’ yo? Hope all is well this fine Friday. Mine’s began well.

This post was a long time coming partly because I’d wanted to do it since forever but also because my cousin (whom you shall see below) coaxed me into it. So as usual I buzzed my partner in crime for such shoots, one @SteveKitots to help me out. A lot went under-way..OK, a little, since the models were slightly late for the shoot. So all in all we had to squeeze in whatever in about half an hour or so.

Anywho, one of the challenges in the shoot for me was using a 50mm lens f1.4, which is fully manual. To say I struggled with it is an understatement of epic proportions but once I kind of got the hang of it, I was chaffed by it’s brilliance. Almost never wanted to return it to it’s owner! [I returned it after he, the loaner, threatened me with his super-stardom and photographer celebrity status. I caved in like cards in a toilet bowl – sic!)

Long story short, the 2 models below are Chao and Asha. Chao is like my small sister so to speak. First cousin actually, and no I am not dishing out her number or email add. I met her friend Asha, whom they are bosom buddies, and Chao enticed me to a shoot.

Enough yap, this is a bit of what I captured.

N/B: Studio photography is not my forte so I was very extravagant in experimenting different feels and themes in my post processing work (grains, soft focus, tonal and hue adjustments, the works!)

All in all, for me, they are a representation of African beauty. Kenyan beauty.

Hope it makes sense to ya’ll!

~El Fin~


Morning dudes and dudettes!
Quite cold it is, especially if you are in the +254 area code. Hope you are all warmed up and sliding around in your socks like a me.
This picture I’ll admit is one I took some time back but didn’t blog, then figured I might as well seeing I didn’t get to shoot what I wanted to over the weekend.
Hope it is good enough to grace some of your desktops!
God bless ya’ll!

~El Fin~

Safari Rally.2011

Ola amigos!

Hope the week’s started well for you (depending on your time zone – I understand it’s past midday in Aussie)

The week’s started off in chilly fashion, which is a stark contrast to what the weekend was.

The highlight of the weekend for any normal Kenyan must have been/should have been the just concluded KCB Safari Rally. What made this edition more special is that it involved more competitors from far and wide, as the event tries to regain its lost lustre and reclaim it’s stake in the International front of Rallying. The 3 day gruelling event was flagged off on Friday by the President Hon. Mwai Kibaki at KICC grounds, which later moved to the Jamhuri show grounds for a spectacular, spectator show piece.

The weather was almost perfect, though the photographer in me wished it had rained a wee bit to add more drama to the surface. Nonetheless, we were treated to an amazing show of mind boggling driving and stunts, as so happens when man and machine augment. More information on the winners, losers, times posted, etcetera can be found here

Enough with the yap, here’s a sampler of the action. Enjoy.

~El Fin~

Remember The Titan

Morning great people!

Hope all is well with you.

This post is simply about a time-piece that I impulsively bought after I realized that I had gone years on end without one. My previous watch – a Casio- mysteriously disappeared after it fell under my bed and I told my myself I’d pick it in the morning. Lo and behold, the boogie monster is real!

So basically I set up the watch as close to  the window as possible..whose natural light was beautifully diffused by the blinds. Experimented between 6 and 13sec exposures at ISOs of 100 and 200 so as to get the movement of the second hand.

Long story short, here is what I got. Enjoy.

~El Fin~



Hope your morning has started great (or evening, depending what time zone you are in)

This past week I had the pleasure of travelling with 2 of my mates @tujak and @stanleymuthoka (their respective twitter handles) to Mombasa on some business. The stop-over was in Mbololo, some 2 kilometres just before you get to Voi. To say the place is beautiful and serene would be an understatement. It’s the kind of place you go to and forget your purpose on earth.

So as usual I carried my beloved ‘Liza’ to see what we would share. It was mostly baobab, And of course @stanleymuthoka literally making a meal of it.

Note to self: Baobab seeds (‘Mabuyu‘ in swahili actually tastes better from the source than after all the crappy food colouring and stuff).

So without much ado here we go!

“A good picture is all about making the ordinary look extra-ordinary”

~El Fin~


Morning Ya’ll!!

Hope the day’s started well for you. I wanted to shoot some more macro stuff but couldn’t really figure what so I just ended up experimenting shooting chess pieces (Kings & Queens). After much ado, (and a busted tripod) here’s to you.

So let’s go out there and make moves!

-El Fin-