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Taita | Hellos and Goodbyes


Had a good one I hope? I always love the turn of a new’s like smelling freshly cut grass, or being in the countryside (what urbanites here fondly refer to as Reserve or Ocha). The joy of saying goodbye to the past years triumphs, tribulations, opportunities and mistakes. Who doesn’t love a clean slate?!

On towards the post, this is a random post of pictures I took in Taita, the nucleus of my motherland. I proudly hail from there and I will be blatantly biased and declare we have arguably the most beautiful landscape (and women :)) in the land. I travelled down with family in not so good circumstances but all in all it was handy that I went with my camera.

Enough rambling, hope you enjoy the images.

The home away from home

The home away from home

The Taita, The better :)

The Taita, The better 🙂

All ears..

All ears..

*Sigh* :'( :'(

*Sigh* 😥 😥

Say what?!

Say what?!

Game. Of. Throse :)

Game. Of. Throse 🙂

And last but not least, an image I took from my phone – un-edited with no filter..

Wusi Primary welcoming the morning fog

Wusi Primary welcoming the morning fog

Taita, my beautiful motherland, I’ll be back!

-El Fin-



Hey guys!

Sorry (for the umpteenth time) about my hiatus. A lot has been happening in life and otherwise so I had to, for a very brief moment, put my baby ‘Liza’ down and refocus. I hate to think that people just shoot, ahem, take pictures just because they have a camera, fancy or not. I was busy discussing with my home-boy @dipwiz telling him my 2 cents on photography. I think he agreed. Basically, in my humblest of opinions, I think it naught to take pics when your heart is not there. I know I may differ with many, especially those doing it for a living. Those who just have to.

I believe Photography, like any other art form, stems from Passion. Zero passion, wishy-washy passion, oh-I have-a-headache passion and I guarantee the results will be naught. Maybe they may be good.

Anywho, for me, if I wake up, pick my camera and my heart and mind ain’t in it..I simply put Liza to sleep. Notwithstanding, I still believe in regular practice, for you cannot become a good photographer by simply wishing it. All I’m saying is, let your passion be the fuel for your art. The minute it is not, it enslaves you instead of you being it’s master. Food for thought.

With the customary introductory rambling dutifully done with, this shoot was just to rekindle my passion with my flame, Liza. Had been a minute, so i decided, what better way than to scale K.I.C.C again and re-declare my undying love against a lovely sunset?

The witnesses were @skubi (a.k.a. VWO – Victim wa Opiyo), @Stevekitots, @Nyingez (who was feeling super-fit and decided to alight at 10th floor and sprint up with @SteveKitots tripod. He later rushed himself home dehydrated) and Faith (@cheepeem)

..And thus the wait for the sunset.

..and we waited.

..and waited.

After all that..the sun finally decided to make way for the moon, and in a huff, left a semi-thick fog in it’s wake. To shoot or abandon operation..

This is what became..

~El Fin~