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Taita | Hellos and Goodbyes


Had a good one I hope? I always love the turn of a new’s like smelling freshly cut grass, or being in the countryside (what urbanites here fondly refer to as Reserve or Ocha). The joy of saying goodbye to the past years triumphs, tribulations, opportunities and mistakes. Who doesn’t love a clean slate?!

On towards the post, this is a random post of pictures I took in Taita, the nucleus of my motherland. I proudly hail from there and I will be blatantly biased and declare we have arguably the most beautiful landscape (and women :)) in the land. I travelled down with family in not so good circumstances but all in all it was handy that I went with my camera.

Enough rambling, hope you enjoy the images.

The home away from home

The home away from home

The Taita, The better :)

The Taita, The better 🙂

All ears..

All ears..

*Sigh* :'( :'(

*Sigh* 😥 😥

Say what?!

Say what?!

Game. Of. Throse :)

Game. Of. Throse 🙂

And last but not least, an image I took from my phone – un-edited with no filter..

Wusi Primary welcoming the morning fog

Wusi Primary welcoming the morning fog

Taita, my beautiful motherland, I’ll be back!

-El Fin-


Beautifully Grand

Happy Nu Year folk! (Is it a New World order yet?)

I again unapologetically apologize for my laziness..ahem, procrastination in putting up this post. Truth is, much has been going on since the turn of the new year. Good stuff mostly so easy, inhale, exhale…I’m alive.

Rewind back to December for just a bit and I was on the road shuttling between Nairobi and Mombasa/Taita for 3 out of the 4 weekends. (I slept into the New Year. How lame is that??!!)

So while I was busy gallivanting left, right and centre, my 2 goals in photography were to shoot the landscape/hillscape of Taita (The Taita, the Better they say. Wise chaps me tells ya) and to shoot portraits of my grandfather.
I unfortunately wasn’t able to get the landscapes I really wanted primarily because of lack of time to just get away, set up and shoot. Was too busy overfeeding and bonding with fam (which is very important – Duh!)
So I was able to chat up me grandpa (maternal) and well I managed to sneak a couple of shots of him, while also getting a few of His grandkids (aka my cousins) in their ‘moments’.

..And it all made me realize when I looked into his eyes and how he just zoned out staring at us making fools of ourselves – Here is a man who has lived his life richly and fully. May God add onto his years.

Enjoy the appetizer.

And last but not least who doesn’t have one of these in their Ocha? [Countryside home]

~El Fin~